Veteran Military Applicants

We are committed to helping those who have bravely served our country achieve their educational goals. If you are a military veteran, you may be eligible for educational benefits through a variety of programs to assist with earning your degree through Redstone College.* Redstone college also accepts benefits from the Post-9/11 GI Bill, including the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans who qualify.

Once you have spoken with your education liaison officer and received your tuition forms, please contact Redstone College at 1-877-801-1025 or request more information. Links to related web sites can provide official details and eligibility requirements for various federal programs that may be available to members of the military:

Veterans Administration programs

Application for VA education benefits:

  • Online Application
  • Please note that the option to request for change of program or place of training resides within the application process
*Financial aid available to those who qualify

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Yellow Ribbon ProgramService men and women are invited to explore how the Yellow Ribbon Program, plus the Post-9/11 GI Bill may allow you to use combined benefits to assist in earning your college degree.

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