Alumni Relations

Alumni retraining

As a Redstone graduate, you can make use of and value your education throughout the life of your career. Westwood is not only dedicated to your educational success, we are also dedicated to your career success. This is why our graduates are entitled to participate in the Redstone Alumni Retraining Program.

This program allows Redstone graduates to evaluate and review courses that were within their degree plan, tuition-free*. Students meeting the graduation requirements listed in the Academics section of the Redstone catalog may:

  • audit a class they have already taken
  • take an updated course after graduation
  • continue to learn about new equipment/software through Redstone

Alumni survey

Redstone takes the success of its alumni very seriously. Your feedback allows us to improve our programs and services. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our anonymous and confidential survey.

Career Services

If you're looking for employment, be sure to check out our Job Bank.

More information is available from the academic dean’s office.

*Participating in the Redstone Alumni Retraining program is tuition-free for qualified graduates. Additional costs such as lab fees, books, and supplies are the responsibility of the student. Retraining is limited to the program from which the student graduated and is subject to space availability.

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